April Meeting (April, 14, 2014): Learning to Integrate Bach Flowers for Parenting, Pregnancy, Childhood and More!

Have you heard of Bach Flowers? Want to learn more? Bach Flower Therapy is a simple and safe system for balancing emotional stress in people of all ages. Join us for a night of learning to integrate Bach Flowers into pregnancy, childhood, and parenting. Learn how to select and use the essences to cope with some common issues and create harmony in your home.

Michelle J Newkirk combines her long nursing career with over 13 years of work in natural health to provide a simple but well-rounded approach to naturopathic health care. Presently her time is occupied with her work as a pediatric holistic nurse and with raising her son who's nearly four. She helps clients improve their emotional and digestive health through the use of Bach Flower Therapy, dietary improvements, and plant based enzymes.

In celebration of Earth Day in April, we are collecting Bras at our April meeting as part of The Bra Recycling Program. Panache Vintage and Finer Consignment in Brighton is participating with this program. We are happy to collect any bras at our meeting and drop them off to Panache to be recycled! http://www.brarecycling.com/about_us.html#sthash.MnMpUztc.dpbs

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