September Meeting (September 8, 2014): 10 Reasons Why Kids Become Picky Eaters (and what YOU can do about it)

Are you battling with a picky eater at home? Or worried that your baby or toddler will join the picky eater club someday? It's more common than you might think! In fact, about 85% of moms find themselves sticking to "kid friendly" meals, bribing and negotiating with their kids to just take one bite of a new food, or dealing with stressful meal times night after night. It doesn't have to be so hard! Learn ten common reasons why kids become picky eaters in the first place and some simple solutions to help you enjoy mealtime once again. We will also discuss other common challenges with raising healthy eaters.

Amy Nadelen, MS, is a family nutrition consultant and President of Tribe Wellness, Inc. Amy's goal with Tribe Wellness is to help families eat more REAL FOOD which means transitioning away from the standard American diet, filled with highly processed convenient food with little nutritional value and lots of hidden (and scary!) ingredients and instead focusing on wholesome, organic, locally grown food!
Amy has been featured in the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester Magazine, and Rochester Healthy Living magazine and seen on Rochester's CW Network and Channel 8's Real Food for Families Series. Her website is: