December 2009 meeting

December 14, 2009: Guidance from Your Archetypes for 2010

Ellen Genrich Rusling, PhD. from Life Discernment Consulting brings over 30 yrs of experience as a family therapist and mental health consultant and can be contacted at ldc at rochester dot rr dot com.

Ellen gave an overview of what an archetype is, what are our four survival ones are, how to use different graphs to work with our own, and different resources of how to find all of yours. Who are your archetypes and how can they help you in the new year? Are you a Goddess, Victim, Rebel, Rescuer, or Lover? Work on your own or with Ellen to find out and be guided by these different patterns of behavior!

(Ellen on left, HMN member Annette, right)

Congrats to member Jo for winning the box of Archetypal Cards and to co-leader Gabrielle for winning the $25 Lori's gift card!

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