May Meeting (May 14, 2012): Introducing "Qi Infusions"

Introducing “Qi Infusions”, the product of decades of intense exploration by a healer deeply passionate about his work. Ethan Borg, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist practicing in the city of Rochester, NY, created an exciting method behind “Qi Infusions” that allows powerful healings based on classical Chinese medicine to be infused into organic sunflower oil. Ethan was raised in Pittsford and Brighton and went on to graduate from Swarthmore College. After receiving his Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Ethan won a fellowship to study the classics of Chinese medicine. This fellowship introduced Ethan to a little known classical theory known as “Heaven, Man, and Earth” -- the nexus point between classical Chinese physics (known as “Feng Shui”), the healing martial art known as Qi Gong (traditionally “Dao-In”), and Chinese medicine. Ethan honed years of one-on-one clinical experience into creating an altogether unique healing method that can treat thousands upon thousands of people powerfully, effectively, inexpensively, and surprisingly quickly. The fruits of Ethan's intellectual discovery was uncovering real “ancient Chinese secrets” that could be useful to people today who are open minded enough to give something “new” a try.

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