January Meeting (January 14, 2013): Easy Learning Through Integrations with Dr. Kam Kettering

Come join us to learn from Dr. Kam Kettering about Integrations - creating balance and harmony in the brain and body, which allows learning to happen with ease. To be maximally proficient at anything it is necessary to use both sides of the brain or (whole brained). Integrations work on getting people to be whole brained so learning becomes easy. Anecdotal feedback from those experiencing this integration is that the person often senses a greater and smoother flow of memory and thought in contrast to the sometimes uneven spurts which preceded the integration.

Dr. Kam Kettering is one of the world's foremost authorities on Integrated Health Systems, Circles of Life, and the technology of Geotran. He has devoted 23 of his 26 years of clinical experience studying and researching Geotran and its connection to health and successful living. Dr. Kettering serves as director of research and development for the International Success Institute in Sedona, Arizona. He is the co-developer of Integrated Health Solutions along with Dorothy Espiau. Dr. Kettering lectures and teaches Integrated Health Systems to health care practitioners throughout the United States and Canada as well as trains students and clients in the language of Geotran and Circles of Life. He is the Co-President of Life Solutions Institute along with his wife Patricia, and the director of the Kettering Chiropractic Center in Lancaster, P.A. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, and listed in "Who's Who Among Chiropractors. Dr. Kettering's website iswww.lifesolutionsinstitute.com

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