April Meeting (April 8, 2013): Beyond Organics and Recycling: Greening Your Home for Improved Health

Rochester’s own, Adriana Lozada will be discussing – Beyond Organics and Recycling: Greenpoofing Your Home for Improved Health.

As our lives become more sedentary, we spend about 90% of our time indoors. Our long Rochester winters certainly don't help! Adriana will be focusing on how your home environment affects your health and how simple adjustments to daily habits can make a BIG difference.

Adriana will be addressing the following:

• Taking a close look at our enclosed homes (VOCs, Radon, asthma triggers, combustion pollutants)

• Lessening the toxins that are already in our homes, and minimizing the amount of new ones that come in

• Simple steps for improving indoor air quality

• Special considerations for children

• Choosing better cleaning products

• Looking at the water we use

• Helpful resources

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