September Meeting (September 9, 2013): Protecting Yourself from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

Sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) include many common items in our every day lives such as cell phones, WiFi, cordless phones, radiation (such as Fukushima), TVs, X-rays, and microwaves? Please join us as our own HMN member, Judy Turk, talks about EMFs, simple tips to lower our EMF risks, and how to strengthen our bodies to reduce the effects of these more negative forms of energy.

Judy Turk and her husband own a small business called Your Environmental Health Consultants where they teach people how things in their environment affect their health including EMFs and chemicals used around the home and how to make the changes that will help detox their homes and bodies. Judy has a degree in education from SUNY Brockport, is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, and has many years of experience as a teacher and a stay-at-home mom. She has extensively researched many holistic health topics including supplements, energy medicine, and environmental medicine.

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