Holiday Party at King's Bend Park 12/9/07

Festive fun at the lodge at King's Bend Park! What a special time, getting together with kids and spouses. And lots of yummy food!

Janet (with Bryce) & Carol

Melissa & Kim
Nadia & William
Evan, Ian, & Anna
Adele, Mary, & Jean
Craig & Dan

our Angel Tree

Alisa, David, & Arabella
Maya, Therese, & Emma
Aden & Leo
Ken & Kim
Olivia & David
Esra, Nicholas, & Adam
Arianna, David, William, & Patty
Lisa & Olivia
Carol's "farewell" tribute to Deborah & Aimee, leaders stepping down
Deborah, Evan, Aimee, Mary, & Adele
Raina, Margaret, Ella, & Katy play during the farewell

leaders past & present: Melissa, Lisa, Deborah, Aimee (with Evan), Carol (with Lily & Kit), & Mary (with Adele)
the whole gang! (almost)

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