Mom's Night Out: ornament exchange at B&N, 12/17/07

A night out at Barnes & Noble for an ornament exchange, complete with birthday brownies and lively conversation! We got kicked out of B&N after they closed, and a handful of us made our way across the street to Applebee's for more chatting and laughs (and a mixed bag, food-wise). We closed THAT venue, and two of us boogied our way down the aisles at Wegmans.

Therese & Jean
Lisa & Carol, the birthday girls
Gena & Lisa
our Buddha, Bryce
Lisa & Carol

Not (yet) pictured: Deborah (thanks, as always, for the pictures!), Janet, Renata, Esra, Steph, Mary.

P.S. Perhaps "boogie" is an overstatement. Perhaps "joyfully trolling" would be more accurate....

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