Meditation for Moms meeting 1/14/08

Padme Livingston was our speaker. She gave us a new perspective on ways to bring awareness to our hectic lives, and led us through some meditation.

We had so many people attend this meeting we had to go fetch more chairs!

Padme had a few recommendations.

A book:
Loving What Is, Byron Katie
exceptional instructions for seeing through all painful belief patterns
(I can testify that this book is amazing.)

and a web site:
for those who might be in despair about the future of the planet; how to help in healthy ways

and a gathering:
Mindful Meditation at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Tuesdays 7-8pm
(yours truly found info at and

Padme Livingstone


Brad, Erin, Finn, and Xsu-Xsu said...

That was a great session! I really enjoyed it and have implemented some of Padme's tips into my daily routine. Thanks.
~Erin Rickman (member)

Sam Smith said...

Free Guided Meditations help me get centered after a long day.