Holistic Kids at Children's Garden of Farmington 1/24/08

Katheen Seaboldt from the Children's Garden invited us down for some messy fun! Her request was simple: "Don't wear anything that you wouldn't throw away!" We arrived to a warm welcome and tables set up with paints, shave cream, water, sand, squirt bottles, ice cubes, sponges, & a whole bunch of toys! The kids enjoyed going from one messy station to the next, and the moms tried to have some chit-chat amidst the fun. Michael loved the paints, Olivia loved the mess, Simon played with the amazing wooden castle, Adele hit up the water table, Grace skipped around singing and dabbling in everything, Moses soaked it all in, the Slavis kids enjoyed the squirt bottles, and our new member Tammy & her beautiful daughter got to meet everyone! After the messy fun the kids toured the beautfiul play areas, and explored the morning away!

Thank you, Kathleen, for hosting us, and providing our kids with a beautiful day of Artful Exploration! For more info on the Children's Garden, check out their website at http://thesunflowerschool.org/childrens_garden

They are also holding weekly Messy Art days on Mondays; contact Kathleen at 398-2450 for more information.

Michael & Simon
Kim, Alex, Moses, Tammy's daughter
Amy & Macrina, Moses, Kim & Alex, Tammy's daughter, Michael, Aurora
Lisa & Olivia, Mary & Adele

Thanks to Lisa for the write-up!

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